Benefits of Treated Water on Your Pipes, Washing Machine & Skin in San Diego, Orange & Riverside Counties

Reduce water pipe build-up image

Reduce your water bill – Treated water reduces the amount of scale build-up in your hot water heater, which saves you up to 22% off of your electric bill and 29% off of your gas bill.

Reduce water pipe build-up – Treated water improves your plumbing performance and lengthens its lifespan because it greatly reduces the amount of build-up pipes get over time. Many of your appliances, especially your washing machine have pipes passing through them. Treated water will also allow your appliances to last up to twice as long. That is a huge savings over the life of your washer, and it will perform better as well.

Clothes last longer – Treated water will allow your clothes to last 35% longer and you’ll use less laundry detergent to clean them, saving you money every week.

Improves your beauty of skin image

Improves your beauty – There are several key benefits of treated water that will help improve the beauty of your skin:

  • Makes your skin smoother and softer
  • Keeps pores unblocked
  • Helps your skin to resist chapping
  • Reduces itching
  • Reduces dryness
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