Scale Armor External NaturalSof Atlas Filter

Scale Armor Plus- [Premium Series]- 5 to 8 person household

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Our Scale Armor Plus [Premium Series] is our very best package we have to offer. The [Premium Series] provides Excellent Filtration and No-Salt Scale Prevention capability without any Routine Service all while being Eco-Friendly!

Best Choice When Whole House Filtration & Scale Prevention is Desired

Atlas Mesh Filter
  • No Salt
  • No Drain Connection
  • No Wastewater
  • No Pollutants Added to Our Community Water Supply
  • No Digital Control Valve
  • No Electricity
  • No Moving Parts
  • Water Softener Banned Area Friendly
  • 6 - Stages of Whole House Filtration
  • Leaves Beneficial Minerals in Your Water
  • Will Not Harm Lawns, Plants & Flowers
  • Highly-filtered Quality Drinking Water @ Every Tap
  • Excellent for Pet Hydration
  • The Simplest Installation Possible
  • Just Install It & Forget It
Catalytic Carbon Media

The Scale Armor Plus [Premium Series] System Includes

  • Atlas Mesh Screen Sediment Pre-Filter - NO Filter Replacement Required
  • Whole House Multi-Filtration Tank
  • NaturalSof Catalytic Core - No-Salt - Scale Prevention Module
Coconut Shell Carbon

The Multi-Filtration Tank Includes

  • Quartz Media.
  • Almandine Garnet.
  • Clinoptilolite.s
  • Coconut Shell Granular Carbon.s
  • Catalytic Granular Carbon.
  • KDF-55 Discs.
  • Up to 1.5 million gallons of useful life service capacity. Typically 10 to 15 years of average water usage for a household of 4 persons.

System Specifications

Clarify 12 Fittings
  • Multi-Filtration Tank: Tank Size: 12" dia x 52" ht - Connection Type/Size: 1" Plastic Male Pipe Thread - EZ-Turn Bypass Valve - Neoprene Decorative Tank Cover.
  • Multi-Filtration Media: 1 cubic ft of Catalytic Carbon - 1 cubic ft of Coconut Shell Carbon - Qty 8 KDF 55 Discs - up to 2 million gallons of service capacity. Typically 10 years average water usage for a household of 4 persons.
  • Atlas Mesh Screen Pre-Filter: 50 micron Mesh Screen Rating for Particulate Removal - See-Thru Housing - Manual Flush Valve to Purge Trapped Sediment - 1" Female Pipe Thread Ports - Battery Powered Auto-Flush Upgrade Available.
  • NaturalSof Catalytic Core Scale Prevention Module [N6] - Salt-Free Scale Prevention Module [Calcium Altering Device] - 1" Male Pipe Thread Stainless Steel Connections - Up to 10 to 15 year Useful Life Service Capacity [depends upon household water usage].
Stop Softtening Water now

NaturalSof Catalytic Core - Salt-Free - Scale Prevention Module

The NaturSof Catalytic Core Module is a proven green technology with over 4 decades of proven results.

If you are interested in scale prevention for your home, then all you need is our NaturalSof Catalytic Core Scale Prevention Module.

The NaturalSof Scale Prevention Module is the only salt-free scale prevention system that utilizes Catalytic Core Technology that significantly decreases the harsh effects of hard water scale in your home.

Catalytic Core Technology does not rely on hardness crystal formation like most other No-Salt systems [Aquasana, Pelican Water, Etc] which have limitations for optimal hard water scale prevention effectiveness. Instead it converts hard water calcium [calcite] into a harmless alternate form of calcite known as aragonite. Aragonite is a harmless compound that will not create hard water scale issues. This NaturalSof Catalytic Core Technology has been tested in a multitude of applications worldwide for over 4 decades.

Falcon Flex Connectors

Calcite [Calcium Carbonate]

Untreated water contains calcite to some degree. Some areas of the country can have very high levels of calcite which can be very problematic to a household plumbing system. It can damage your household plumbing system, appliances, fixtures, etc. Calcite deposits are nearly irreversible especially where clean water is not present to slowly erode the calcite deposits.
NaturalSof Specs Brochure

Aragonite [Non-Scaling form of Calcite]

Aragonite is an alternative form of calcite that prefers to adhere to itself as opposed to household surfaces. Aragonite does not "plate-out' on household surfaces and remains suspended in water rather than depositing on surfaces thus sparing your household plumbing system, water-using appliances, plumbing fixtures and and all other receptive surfaces from harm and premature failure.

Catalytic Core Scale Prevention - How it Works

Clack by Pass
  • Our catalytic core technology has a twin catalytic effect. The first is the shape of the inner chamber which creates turbulence and a very small pressure drop (much less than a softener). A small pressure drop creates the natural catalytic reaction needed to convert harmful calcite into harmless aragonite.
  • The second effect is the metallic alloy core that acts as a battery. The core generates a very small natural electrical current as water makes contact with the alloy core.
  • This electric current creates the condition needed to rearrange the limescale molecules into a harmless "soft" non-bonding crystal.
  • These "soft" crystals stay suspended in the water and will not stick to pipework and other household surfaces. Instead, these crystals just pass harmlessly through your plumbing system and into the drain system.
  • Ultimately, the goal is to transform harmful scale-depositing calcium carbonate [calcite] into a harmless non-scaling aragonite which simply passes though your plumbing system.

As a bonus, this process also will gradually remove any existing scale deposits that may have accumulated in the past. This is due to the fact that the water is no longer in a scaling form thus it is considered "a clean water solvent". When water is free from depositing hard water scale, it acts as a natural solvent which will slowly erode built up scale deposits in your plumbing system. This will occur in microscopic form so you do not need to be concerned for water lines and plumbing fixtures becoming clogged with hard water deposits. The old scale formations will just pass right through the fresh water system and into the drain system.

6 - Stages of Whole House Filtration

The Scale Armor Plus [Premium Series] provides 6 - Stages of Whole House Filtration. It incorporates multiple filtration media types that address many type of potential water-borne "contaminants" that may be in most water supplies.

1. Quartz Media

Diffuses flow of water through tank and reduces particulates.

Kdf 55 Benifits

2. Almandine Garnet

Naturally occurring mineral - provides additional finer particulate reduction for excellent water clarity.

3. Clinoptilolite

Final water clarity phase - particulate reduction to 3 microns [microscopic level].

4. Catalytic Carbon

Primary Use: Chloramine Reduction.

Secondary Use: Taste & Odor Improvement, Chlorine Reduction, Organic Compound Reduction [DPB, MTBE, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Peroxide, THMs, TCE, PCE, Detergents, Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Phenols, Chloroform, VOC & More.

Catalytic Carbon is most beneficial for significantly reducing chloramines in municipal water supplies. Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia and has become a more prevalent choice over pure chlorine for municipal water disinfection due to its more stable form and its ability to minimize the formation of harmful chlorine byproducts with organic compounds.

Standard activated carbon is limited in its ability to significantly reduce chloramines and is used primarily for taste & odor improvement.

4. KDF-55

KDF-55 is specifically designed and has a high capacity for significantly reducing chlorine, chloramines and water-soluble heavy metals. It also has the ability to control scale, bacteria and algae.

KDF-55 works on the basis of Redox Reaction [Oxygen Reduction]. KDF-55 is a unique combination of copper and zinc alloy which creates a natural electro-chemical reaction. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new elements are created. Some harmful contaminants are changed into harmless compounds. Free chlorine, for instance, is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride, which is then carried harmlessly through the household plumbing system. Similarly, some heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others, react to plate out onto the medium's surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Coconut Shell Carbon is primarily useful as a final polishing filter for taste & odor improvement. Although catalytic carbon is more proficient at contaminant reduction, especially chloramines, coconut shell carbon has the reputation of being a slightly better choice for the aesthetic concerns of taste & odor improvement.

Clarify - Quantum Disinfection [Optional Add-On Filter]

Say goodbye to traditional Ultraviolet Disinfection technology.

Clarify 12 Brochure

All of our competitors are still offering the troublesome technology of UV disinfection. UV disinfection relies on a specific UV range of light to kill any potential living organisms in a water supply. Some of the issues associated with UV technology are - UV bulb outages, UV bulb & quartz sleeve breakage, power supply [ballast] failure, difficult & expensive to service and it creates warm drinking water due to the heat from the bulb transferring to the water as it passes thru the UV chamber.

On the other hand, Quantum Disinfection technology comes in its simplest form - a standard filter cartridge. No electricity, no glass bulbs or sleeves, very easy to service and no warm water affect.

  • Add the power of Quantum Disinfection to the [Basic Series] Packaged Equipment.
  • Quantum Disinfection is a UV alternative without the hassle of UV bulbs and sensitive electronics.
  • The Clarify Quantum Disinfection Filter is just that - a filter cartridge that destroys potential microorganisms in your water supply [up to a 99.9% kill rate].
  • Just replace the EZ-Change cartridge after every 200,000 gallons of filter throughput or sooner if desired. Typically 2-year water usage for a household of 4 persons.
  • To add this option: Just order the Clarify Quantum Disinfection Filter as a separate purchase.
Quantum Disinfection Brochure
Atlas Manual Flush Mesh Screen Prefilter
  • Protects the Scale Armor Plus Multi-Filtration Tank from dirt, sediment, silt and other particulates from entering the filter housing.
  • See-thru filter housing that allows you to view any settled dirt, sediment, particulates in the bottom of the prefilter.
  • Simple Flush - Just open the manual flush valve located at the bottom of the filter housing and purge the trapped particulates out of the filter housing.
  • Cleanable Mesh Screen Filter - No need to replace expensive filter cartridges - Just remove the clean-able mesh screen filter and wash it off and replace it.
  • Battery powered Auto-Flush kit available [upgrade charge will apply].
Falcon Stainless Steel Flex Connectors
  • Connects to the inlet of the Atlas Pre-Filter and the outlet of the NaturalSof Module.
  • Provides ease of installation and eliminates the potential of harming the plastic components if sweat plumbing [torch & solder] is used during the installation process.
Easy Assembly & Installation

The Scale Armor Plus [Premium Series] requires just 2 main-line connections and 2 inter-connections. Just intercept the flow of your main water line so that the water flows through the treatment equipment before it enters your household plumbing system. Keep in mind, we are available for installation technical support should you or your plumber need us.

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